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At Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa®, we offer the ultimate pet boarding experience for your dog or cat.  Our attentive staff is passionate about pets and will go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable time with us. 


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The Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa® story began in 2002 when Fred Goldsmith was looking for a place to leave his Bichon Frise, Samantha. So, like any good "pet parent" would do, Fred shopped around for the best place for his pet and found a facility in St. Augustine.


As an entrepreneur with experience in the hotel software business, Fred quickly recognized there was an unmet need in the market - and then, the light went off. The idea was not only to build a better pet boarding facility, but also to build something convenient that gave owners peace of mind when they left their pets.


In December 2002, Fred led a group of investors that bought the St. Augustine facility mainly to better learn the intricacies of the business. During this time, he developed various reporting and policy procedures which would provide the blueprint for building and managing multiple locations.


Five months later, Pet Paradise expanded to two locations with its acquisition of a Palm Coast facility called Happy Dog Inn. This facility offered an in-ground swimming pool, several play areas, indoor/outdoor suites, and several features he had envisioned for Pet Paradise going forward.


Now, ten years later and venture backed by Centripetal Capital Partners, Pet Paradise has over 400  employees and 20 locations throughout the southern region of the country, nine of which are located throughout Florida, three in Houston, three in the Dallas area, two in Charlotte and one each in New Orleans, Phoenix and Atlanta.


We look forward to continue to expand our superior offering throughout the country so please check back with us frequently for updates on new locations.


At Pet Paradise, we sell peace of mind. After all, your pet deserves an unforgettable vacation, and so do you.


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